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Have you been unsuccessfully trying to lose weight? If you answer yes, maybe you’ve been pushing along with the wrong diet. But you are not alone. Studies show that more than 70% of those who manage to shed off some weight, are unable to stay on healthy diets for 12 months straight. In fact, a significant number tend to regain more than half of the weight lost within 24 months.

How To Eat Your Carbs

So how can you beat the grim statistics in your quest for fitness? The solution is eating the right carbs. A rather surprising answer, for sure, considering that carbohydrates have been demonised as the root cause of weight gain. This bogus claim has been touted around so much that even some health experts advocate for purging carbs from day-to-day meals. The truth is that we need carbs in our diets. Take athletes for instance. They need a lot of calories to comfortably perform physically challenging tasks. Without carbohydrates, they’ll be forced to rely on proteins; which is just plain unhealthy. Dietary experts explain that carbs should provide 45-65% of the body’s calories with fats accounting for 20-35%. Proteins should contribute a small 10-30%.

But just like cholesterol, there are bad and good carbs. Eventually, all carbohydrates are broken down through digestion, into simple sugars to be absorbed into the bloodstream. The difference is that bad carbs are digested way too quickly. This is bad when you are trying to lose weight because you end up feeling hungry quicker. It’s quite impossible to ignore hunger pangs so you may end up eating more bad carbs which the body digests and converts into fat since it’s already got enough calories. As for the good carbs, they are embedded in fibre and take longer to digest. Fibre is important because it has the stomach feeling “full” thus reduces the urge to eat.

The Benefits Of Weight Loss Carbs

There are more benefits of fibre-rich carbs. Research shows that fibre can lower cholesterol in the blood. Food with high fibre content also has phytochemicals that fight cancerous cells. Additionally, fibre has beneficial action against constipation, haemorrhoids, colon disease, and appendicitis. These are some of the foods rich in weight loss carbs: barley, whole-wheat, pasta squash, legumes, whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, chocolate milk, bananas, spinach, cold potato salad, broccoli, and grapes.

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